3 TV Options You'll Find At A Sports Bar

29 June 2023
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A visit to a local sports bar gives you a chance to enjoy a variety of food and drink, but the primary goal for your visit might be to watch a live sporting event on TV. Sports bars are known for having lots of TV screens around their establishment. Many pride themselves on having multiple TVs visible, regardless of where you're sitting or standing at any given time. While many of these establishments have TVs in various sizes positioned around the venue, there are some sports bars that have TV options that are a little more unique. Here are some sports bar TV options that you may find.

Protector Screen

Many sports bars have a projector and screen set up, giving patrons a chance to watch sporting events on a screen that is significantly larger than a conventional TV. Projector screens can vary in size, but it's common for this type of screen to cover the majority of one wall. Some establishments use this type of screen only for certain large-scale sporting events, such as playoff games. It can be a fun vibe to have the majority of the bar's patrons all watching one TV and cheering together.

Booth TVs

You may visit a sports bar that has TVs in some of its booths, which gives you a chance to be seated just a few inches away from the screen that displays the game you're watching. While there's nothing wrong with watching a TV that hangs from the ceiling a few yards from you, it can feel special to have your own private TV in your booth. Some bars even give you the ability to change the channels on this TV, which will ensure that you can watch the specific game that interests you the most.

Bathroom TVs

No one likes having to take a bathroom break when they're watching their favorite team in action, especially if the game is an important one. At some sports bars, you won't have to worry about stepping away for a bathroom break because there are TVs in the bathroom. For example, some establishments have a small TV above each of the urinals and other TVs around the sinks, which means that you'll never be out of sight of the game during the few moments that you spend in the bathroom. Visit a sports bar to enjoy these types of TV options as you watch your team in action.