4 Essential Add-Ons for a BBQ Catering Service

23 July 2021
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When you host a party or a special event like a wedding, one of your options is a BBQ catering service. BBQ foods include chicken, burgers, and a lot of different side dishes. Along with selecting the main food options from event catering, consider four essential add-ons for the event.

The add-ons will ensure everything goes smoothly and all your guests will get the most out of the barbecue eating experience.

Bottled Water

One of the staples of barbecue foods is spice. Many of your food options will include tangy and spicy barbecue sauces. The last thing you want is for guests to have burning mouths for the whole event. Add bottled water to the catering order so every guest will receive their own drink.

The water will help wash down the food. Along with bottled water, consider other drink options like cans of soda or pitchers of tea. Water should be the main drink option, but adding other drinks will help combat the spice as well.


Barbecue foods are some of the messiest options for events. Add extra napkins to your catering order. Not only can guests use napkins to wipe their hands and mouths, but the napkins can unfold and spread out to protect clothing from barbecue stains.

You should also look and see if the catering company offers any form of a wet nap. Once a person is done eating, a wet nap will help really scrub off the barbecue residue and keep guests clean. A basket of wet naps provides easy access for guests.

Tables & Chairs

Eating barbecue foods while standing can present a challenge. The foods often require two hands or a fork and knife. Make dining easy for guests when you set up multiple tables and chairs. With plenty of space to eat, people will not be as messy as they enjoy the food. Guests will get more enjoyment when they can sit and relax with the meals.


Meals from a BBQ catering service often include extra sauce. Instead of just tossing the sauce out, consider ordering extra items to use the sauce with. One of the ideal options is bread. Types like cornbread or rolls are ideal for soaking up the sauce and expanding the meal options.

Bulk orders of the bread make it easy for guests to grab a few pieces while they get their plates. You could order a single bread or multiple types of bread for the event.

Take extra time to plan out all of your options and decide the best choices for your next big event.