Making Fine Waterfront Dining The Centerpiece Of A Romantic Coastal Getaway

8 October 2019
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When you think of romantic beachfront vacations, do you think of long weeks spent away over the summer? Lazy weeks on Caribbean islands are great, but it's never the wrong time to plan a romantic getaway to the shore. Autumn (and even winter) can be the perfect time of the year for a trip to the waterfront with the one you love. Think you're too busy? Think again! A weekend is more than enough time for a satisfying and memorable trip that will leave you both wanting more. These three steps will help you to plan a waterfront getaway that will be perfect for an anniversary, birthday, or just as a great way to say, "I love you."

Step 1: Pick Your Coast (And Destination)

If you're only getting away for the weekend, then it's probably a good idea to pick the coast that's closest to home. Both the west and east coasts have their own exceptional set of reasons to visit, so it's impossible to go too far wrong. New England can be uniquely beautiful as the fall descends and the leaves begin to turn, but the coasts of California offer their brand of beauty year-round. The critical thing to remember is that the destination is just the backdrop for your romantic getaway.

Step 2: Choose the Right Restaurant

Admit it, you were expecting the next step to be "choose a hotel." That time will come, but the real centerpiece of a romantic trip is always going to be the moonlit dinner. Since you're visiting the shore, you'll want to pick a waterfront dining space that's right on the shore. It's not essential to choose the most expensive or fanciest restaurant. Instead, pick something that you're sure you'll both enjoy. Simply sitting somewhere that you can watch the waves roll in under a moonlit sky with your one and only is guaranteed to provide an experience that you'll both cherish. Be sure to call ahead and confirm that you will be able to receive a table that looks out onto the water.

Step 3: Find a Place to Stay

No lovers' getaway is complete without a cozy hotel to return to at the end of the day. While shoreline hotels can often be expensive, booking your vacation during the autumn or winter off seasons is a great way to score a great deal. It may even be possible to grab a significant discount on rooms with an ocean view or larger suites with amenities such as Jacuzzi tubs. Be sure to choose a hotel close to your centerpiece restaurant so that it won't be necessary to take a long trip back. It can be tempting to select the fanciest hotel when planning a trip like this, but choosing somewhere with unique character is often the best way to create a memorable experience.