3 Tips For Opening Up Your Own Distillery

6 June 2018
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If you enjoy the craft of making your own spirits and want to turn it into more than just a hobby, one way to do that is by opening up your own distillery. A distillery will allow you to make your spirits in enough quantities to sell them to others. As a new distillery, a set-up similar to that of a tasting room for a craft brewery can be a great way to get started.

1. Learn About the History of Distilling

If you want to open up your own distillery, it is helpful to really understand the industry. Read up on the history of the distilling process. Learn about how different types of drinks are made and what makes them unique. Learn about the different equipment used over time for the making of alcohol.

Opening and running a distillery is about more than having an appreciation for spirits or a nose for knowing which spirits taste better. It is about connecting to a long history of making spirits and understanding all the methods and ways that you can do so. The more you know about the industry as a whole, the better positioned you will be to enter it.

2. Come Up with A Unique Angle

If you really want your distiller to succeed, you need to give people a reason to want to step through your doors to taste and purchase your spirits. One of the best ways to do that is by coming up with a unique selling point or angle. This needs to be more than a gimmick; it needs to be something that other individuals can connect with.

For example, selling all of your spirits in containers hand-crafted by local glass blowers is one way to make your product unique. Or donating a percentage of all proceeds to a charity or cause. Or including gold specks in all of your drinks. Come up with an angle that makes you stand out within the local market.

3. Have A Bank of Recipes

Generally, coming up with one good recipe is not enough to open a distillery. You are going to need numerous recipes that you have tested and perfected before you are ready to open up a distillery. Be sure to run all of your best recipes past some testers are well; just because you like something doesn't mean everyone else will.

Make sure that you have a bank of recipes that you can draw upon before you open up a distillery. You want to make sure that you have the creativity to sustain a business long-term.