3 TV Options You’ll Find At A Sports Bar

29 June 2023
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A visit to a local sports bar gives you a chance to enjoy a variety of food and drink, but the primary goal for your visit might be to watch a live sporting event on TV. Sports bars are known for having lots of TV screens around their establishment. Many pride themselves on having multiple TVs visible, regardless of where you're sitting or standing at any given time. While many of these establishments have TVs in various sizes positioned around the venue, there are some sports bars that have TV options that are a little more unique. Read More 

The Perfect Meal Combo From A Dine-In Family Restaurant

3 April 2023
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If you're heading to a family restaurant for dinner with the kids, there are plenty of great meal combos that you can order. Whether you're looking for a small snack or a full-on feast, family restaurants have something for everyone. Keep reading to discover some of the best meal combos available at your local dine-in spot. The Classic Burgers and Fries Combo Nothing beats the classic burgers and fries combo! Pick up a juicy hamburger or cheeseburger with a side of steaming hot French fries. Read More 

Customized Pizza Ideas For Casual Events

30 January 2023
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Although pizza works for any type of special occasion, from fancy soirees to laid-back get-togethers, you can't beat it for casual celebrations. Whether you're planning an indoor or outdoor party, pizza is one menu item that is sure to please guests of all ages.  One reason that pizza works so well for casual events is that party-goers can easily enjoy the hand-held meal as they mix and mingle. They can walk around the venue as they eat, rather than having to stay seated like during a formal affair. Read More