Vegan Wedding Catering Services: 3 Tips For Creating A Menu Suitable For First-Timers

17 October 2016
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Not everyone believes in consuming animal products, and you can still live a healthy life on a vegan diet. If you and your spouse are amongst the approximate 0.5% of Americans who have chosen to lead a vegan lifestyle, you might want to stick to your guns and hire a vegan wedding catering service. As the vast majority of your guests may not be vegans, making certain accommodations and adjustments to the menu can really help your guests get used to vegan cuisine. Read More 

Ordering Pizza Online: 5 Toppings from Around the World You Should Try

14 October 2015
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Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in America, and pizzerias often provide apps, online services, and other features to allow consumers to order pizzas within minutes, if not a few seconds. The most popular pizza topping among Americans is pepperoni. Research suggests that pepperoni is ordered as a topping on pizzas at least 36% of the time; sausage comes in second. Adventurous eaters may want to stray away from common pizza toppings that they are comfortable with by ordering toppings that are unusual in the US but are extremely popular in other countries in the world. Read More 

Three Chicken Sandwiches That Will Help Your Bar And Grill Stand Out From The Crowd

2 September 2015
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If you own or operate a bar and grill type restaurant, you know how stiff the competition can be. A great way to help your restaurant stand out from the crowd is to offer several unique chicken sandwiches. Chicken is healthy, versatile and delicious, and with these three chicken sandwich recipes, you're sure to attract more guests. Chicken and Apple Sandwich This chicken sandwich will appeal to customers on a health kick. Read More 

Turn Your Local Beach Bar Into A Memorable Party Place For Your 21st Birthday

18 August 2015
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From the sounds of the sea to the feeling of sand between your toes, the beach makes for an effective place to unwind, let go of stress, and gain some fresh perspective. The beach also happens to be a fun place to celebrate turning 21 – especially when a food and drink bar is featured in the backdrop. Reserve a few seats at the beach bar like Flora Bama and create an unforgettable birthday celebration with the help of these tips and tricks: Read More 

5 Ways To Infuse Mexican Flavors At An Italian Restaurant

13 July 2015
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Dining at an Italian restaurant opens up your palette to a world of pastas, sauces, and fine meats. Just because you are dining Italian, doesn't mean your meal options are limited to just that cuisine. If you're in the mood for a little Mexican food, there are ways to infuse the spice and culture to a variety of traditional meals found on a typical Italian menu. A lot of times you can find these meals directly, while others require just a few extra toppings or ingredients. Read More