What Is A Gastropub, And Why Should You Visit One?

16 December 2019
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In your search for new restaurants to check out, you will undoubtedly come across a few that are branded as gastropubs. This word has become more and more common in restaurant vernacular over the past few years, but many diners are still not sure what a gastropub is. Here's a look at the definition, along with some reasons you really should visit a gastropub soon.

What is a gastropub?

A gastropub is essentially a pub that serves upscale food. The word is a combination of the words "gastronomic" and "pub." Gastropubs may serve typical bar food, like burgers and fries, but they find ways to elevate those dishes and make them more gourmet. For example, the burgers may be made from bison meat, and the fries might be fried in duck fat rather than conventional fryer oil.

Why should you visit a gastropub?

The number one reason to visit a gastropub is that the food and beer taste great. Here are a few more specific reasons.

1. The food is affordable.

A couple of decades ago, if you wanted something nicer than a basic burger or pizza when dining out, fine to semi-fine dining was really your only option, and that got expensive. Gastropubs offer some truly delicious food that is reasonably priced. You might see some pricier entrees on the menu, but most also include plenty of meals in the $15 and less range.

2. The beer selection is typically awesome.

These are not your neighborhood pubs serving two domestic beers and wine spritzers. It's about the gastronomy, remember? Most gastropubs keep all sorts of craft beers on tap and in bottles, and it is common for them to serve flights, so you can try a couple of different beers while you're there. What a great place to expand your palate as a beer drinker.

3. Gastropubs often use local ingredients.

Because they want to use the best ingredients, many gastropubs source at least some of their food locally. So by dining at a gastropub, you are helping to support several local businesses. 

4. Gastropubs are friendly and welcoming.

Even though the food and beer are top-notch, gastropubs have not gotten snooty. Most maintain that classic pub feeling, where you're made to feel welcome and everyone is open to chatting. 

The next time you're looking for a good restaurant and you come across a gastropub, definitely stop in. It will be worth the trip.