Tips For Accommodating Your Vegetarian And Vegan Wedding Guests

24 March 2017
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If you are planning a wedding, you have likely spent a good deal on decorations, alcohol, and other items that are important for having a wedding look great and go smoothly. However, you might be in a pickle about food. There's a good chance that you have friends that have dietary restrictions, specifically vegan or vegetarian, that you need to accommodate in order to make them feel welcome at your wedding. However, you also might worry about the cost of the food. Good event catering can be expensive, but is so worth it. You might have splurged on the catering and not have a ton of money leftover to cope with other people's special requests. Here are some tips for accommodating your vegetarian and vegan wedding guests without breaking the bank.

1. Ask Your Caterer for Options

It could be a simple matter for your catering company to make extra plates that don't have meat on them as part of your deal with them. They might be able to make a few vegetarian or vegan meals ahead of time and then heat them up when they get to the hall. The food wouldn't be the most fresh, but it would certainly taste good. Your caterer is going to be your best source of information with regards to this issue, so be sure that you talk to him or her first. All you'd need to do is get a count of who will need these special meals.

2. Do a Buffet

Another option is to have a buffet of food, rather than single serving plates for meals. This will allow your guests to pick and choose what types of foods that they want and make it easy for your vegetarian and vegan guests to avoid dishes that have meat. This also could lower your costs quite a bit since you won't need a dedicated staff of servers.

3. Ask Your Vegetarian and Vegan Friends to Bring Food

Your last option is to just talk to your vegetarian and vegan friends. Let them know what you are planning on serving at the wedding and ask them if they would be willing to make additional dishes for themselves and the few other vegans and vegetarians at the wedding. Then, have them give those dishes to the caterer and the caterer can serve them to the vegetarians when they are serving the rest of the guests.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in event catering.