Vegan Wedding Catering Services: 3 Tips For Creating A Menu Suitable For First-Timers

17 October 2016
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Not everyone believes in consuming animal products, and you can still live a healthy life on a vegan diet. If you and your spouse are amongst the approximate 0.5% of Americans who have chosen to lead a vegan lifestyle, you might want to stick to your guns and hire a vegan wedding catering service. As the vast majority of your guests may not be vegans, making certain accommodations and adjustments to the menu can really help your guests get used to vegan cuisine. This is also a great time to introduce them to the wonders of vegan meals. Here are 3 tips you should highly consider.

Offer a Wide Array of Options

Vegans often fill their diets with either starch-based food products, like pasta and bread, or with vegetables and fruits. You never know what your guests may prefer, so do your best to find a professional vegan wedding catering company that will be able to offer you a little bit of everything. Give your guests options to choose from, so that they don't feel restricted on your special day. For example, you might want to look for a catering company that will cook up several different types of pastas and find you exotic fruits that aren't normally found in your local area. Make sure that the vegetables and fruits served are ripe and in season.

You don't necessarily need to focus on abundance. You don't need a lot of food. In fact, most of your guests would probably enjoy eating a little bit of everything. This way, they can get a good idea of what vegan dishes are like – especially if this is their first introduction to the vegan lifestyle.

Provide Various Hearty Snacks to Fill in the Voids

Depending on how long your wedding event may be, the vegan catering services may be responsible for providing catering services for more than just one meal. If your guests are going to be attending an event that's probably going to take up their whole day, look for vegan wedding catering services that can provide various hearty snacks throughout the ceremony to fill in the voids. Some meat eaters may otherwise have a difficult time getting through the day without consuming large amounts of protein.

Some hearty snacks that will fill your guests up include roasted almonds and other types of nuts, fruits with soy yogurt, chips with salsa or hummus, and more. Professional wedding catering services can make even the simplest snacks look like a luxury.

Focus on the Presentation

In addition to being able to make your wedding feel like a dream, excellent presentation of dishes by a professional vegan wedding catering service can really help entice guests to try out different cuisines and dishes they would otherwise be reluctant to try. Good presentation can keep your guests minds' off of what they're eating, and make the dishes presented appear a lot more delicious or appetizing. A professional vegan wedding catering company can create elaborate plating designs for even the simplest dishes.

Take a look at photographs of previous events hosted by the vegan wedding catering company. You want to make sure that the dishes that are served look like they came straight out of a magazine rather than something that can be easily cooked at home.


Don't ambush your guests with vegan catering services. Make sure to let them know your plans ahead of time so that they can make the necessary adjustments should they feel the need to. For example, some of your guests might want to grab a quick snack just in case they're not used to the food.