Ordering Pizza Online: 5 Toppings from Around the World You Should Try

14 October 2015
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Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in America, and pizzerias often provide apps, online services, and other features to allow consumers to order pizzas within minutes, if not a few seconds. The most popular pizza topping among Americans is pepperoni. Research suggests that pepperoni is ordered as a topping on pizzas at least 36% of the time; sausage comes in second.

Adventurous eaters may want to stray away from common pizza toppings that they are comfortable with by ordering toppings that are unusual in the US but are extremely popular in other countries in the world. Here are 5 examples to consider.

The Heartiness of the Mockba Topping in Russia

Russians love hearty dishes that pack a whole lot of flavor. They have revamped traditional pizzas to cater to their palette and have invented what is known as the mockba. The mockba is very popular topping amongst Russians, and is basically a mix of sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon and onions. Pizzas with mockba are typically served cold. This topping is extremely hearty, and definitely best for those who love seafood.

The Creaminess of the Mayo Jaga Topping in Japan

Pizzas in Japan are known to have unique and crazy toppings that sound absolutely absurd but taste absolutely delicious. A unique pizza topping found only in Japan is known as the mayo jaga. The mayo jaga is basically a mix of mayonnaise, potato, pork sausage, corn, and parsley flakes. Some different pizzerias will have different takes on how the mayo jaga should be made. It is not uncommon to find bacon, pimiento and even onion mixed in with the mayo jaga.

The Tropical Taste of Pizza Africana in Sweden

Swedish pizza is very different from its American counterparts in the sense that the crust is thinner and there isn't a lot of cheese loaded on top. One of the more popular Swedish toppings for pizzas is known as the pizza Africana. The pizza is topped with chicken, bananas, peanuts, curry powder and sometimes even shrimp. In general, a pineapple ring is often placed in the center of the pizza. This topping encompasses numerous tropical flavors, which all blend well with each other.

The Exotic Flavor of Kangaroo, Crocodile and More in Australia

Australia is known to have exotic wildlife and they are not shy to add these exotic meats onto their pizzas as a topping. It's easy to find many pubs and bars in Australia that offer pizzas with adventurous toppings, like pepper kangaroo, BBQ emu or even saltwater crocodile. Although the meat is often marinated, the marinate definitely complements and brings out the natural flavor of the meat.

The Unique Twist of Tarte Flambee in France

The tarte flambee may look like a pizza, but it's definitely quite far off from a traditional American pizza. The crust is made from Alsatian flatbread. Although finding a pizzeria near you that may sell tarte flambee may be difficult, you can still order pizzas online that have the same toppings as a tarte flambee. The tarte flambee is topped with fresh cream cheese, onions and bacon.

Not all local pizzerias near you may have the unique toppings that you are looking for; however, more and more pizzerias are branching out and bringing flavors that are popular in other parts of the world straight to your dinner table. Simply, look for pizzerias like Pickleman's to see if they have these or other unique toppings and options. Although there is nothing wrong with pepperoni pizza, sometimes it's fun to stray away from what you already know and try out a new tasting experience.